WinXP Support Ended

IHT ended support and software maintenance for any computer system running Windows XP or older on August 31, 2014. We urge you to get in touch with us now to discuss options for using MPAS software on a newer operating system which may include upgrading your Vantage unit to a VantagePro, upgrading the operating system and MPAS software on your existing computer, or backing up your database and then installing MPAS software onto a replacement computer.

Webinars and Training

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Software Authorization

We are updating our software authorization process (unlock codes) for your software which will require installation of the following security patch onto your system.  This security patch is applicable to all recent versions of software including MSAS 2008, MSAS Emerald, and MSAS Jade.

PLEASE NOTE: The name of the authorizing web site is now MedProducts

Click HERE to install the security patch


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